DELL LAPTOP by Elizabeth Wright

Deptford X 2015
London’s Contemporary Art Festival

A Dell laptop is displayed on a wooden post in front of the Creekside Discovery Centre, having been removed from the River Ravensbourne at Deptford Creek. One of the many river flotsam including; stolen wallets, shopping trolleys, mobile phones and other digital devices, that form part of the ‘found object’ displays located both within and outside the Centre.

The process of retrieving lost or discarded artifacts is one part of the Centre’s workflow. By placing these objects on wooden posts outside, they adopt the convention of ‘found sculptures’ on plinths, replicating the early 20th century Surrealist ‘involuntary’ sculpture assemblage’. Of this period the work of French photographer Brassai included the use of everyday objects such as bus tickets and bread rolls photographed in extreme close up in order to monumentalize them, thereby becoming ‘involuntary’ photographic sculptures, (as seen in the magazine Minotaure). At Deptford Creek however the exterior environmental conditions accelerate the entropic workflow, as many artifacts become unrecognizable in their post operational condition.

Formerly a current model, the Dell laptop’s defining design features eroded by its submerged life in the Ravensbourne; once leads and external hard-drives would have appendage now replaced by crustaceans, algae, moss and sand. Using an archeological and conservational non-invasive visual scanning method, ‘Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)’ the laptop is captured at a point of its entropic process. After its recording two distinct workflows are formed. For the material laptop, the eventual de-materialization of its form. Whilst the RTI facsimile as digital data, flow’s ad-infinitum, via the Creekside Discovery Centre’s website.

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