Portolan Map

We need navigation maps. Maritime maps. Tools
for orientation. That don’t try to say or represent
what is within different archipelagos of desertion,
but show us how to meet up with them.
Portolan charts.

Tiqqun / How is it to be done?

CSM Archive is home to this beautiful Portolan map. A Portolan map is a navigational chart. It maps coasts and ports from a sea pilot’s compass rather than the interior of land masses.  This one is painted onto parchment and gradually makes its own landscape with any small temperature change.


Our friends in Brussels are working to liberate some litho stones from a wall. The stones were used to print a map of Belgium and may retain some ghosts. Pierre Huyghebaert is also working with his collaborators to develop a sort of portolan navigation principle on their experimental waend.com platform.



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