Learning through Objects: Transformative Pedagogies in Practice

Objects have been used to support teaching and learning since the earliest days of art and design education, but it was not until 2002 that Paris* coined the phrase ‘object-centred’ or ‘object-based’ learning. This term is now widely used to describe the process of learning through and from objects.

Within participatory learning environments, objects can stimulate curiosity and ongoing interest. The transaction between the object and the viewer enables meaning construction, while decoding objects develops transferable skills such as critical thinking and communication and can help to develop deeper understanding of one’s own assumptions and beliefs.

This event is part of a series hosted by University of the Arts London, exploring key issues in art and design teaching and learning in higher education.
Each event includes leading speakers sharing current thinking in creative education and is designed to be interactive.

We ran a session demonstrating reflectance transformation imaging and photogrammetry and talking about the research led teaching project we have been running at CSM. We took the opportunity to record some moulds from the Unsworth Collection housed at LCC. Tom Allison demonstrated RTI and Harry Moss Badrick made some photogrammetry models.



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