Image: AEgIS collaboration, CERN
Weds 11th January 12-6pm 5th Floor Switch House, Tate Modern


When matter and antimatter come into contact, they annihilate – disappearing in a flash of energy, leaving traces, producing new artefacts and ideas. Annihilation Event invites a contrary group of artists, archivists, archaeologists, historians, technical experts and theorists from all over Europe to bring their objects, machines, speculative processes and performances into constellation. Annihilation Event will take place in the Lethaby Gallery at CSM in March 2017.

In the lead up to this students and graduates from MA and BA Fine Art at CSM and ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels have been working in research groups on a prototype event. For one day at Tate we will run public workshops and demonstrate processes including casting, photogrammetry, reflectance transformation imaging and virtual reality applications. The Department of Subjective Archaeology will install its offices and participative laboratory.

Make your own object to scan or see some curiosities from UAL archives and special collections close up. Bring your subjective archaeological artefacts for replication and analysis. Come and learn:

☄ Casting/Ghosting ☄ Photosculpture ☄ Display/Support ☄ Open Lab


12 noon: General Intro to Annihilation Event, its objects and people:

Students from CSM, CCW Digital Derive Group and ENSAV La Cambre Brussels,
Andy Jones, Monkton-Up-Wimborne chalk block, Paul Reilly, Digital Old Minster, Pierre Huyghebaert, Waend, Belgian Litho Stone, Naomi Dines, Portolan Map, Anna McSweeney, Papersqueeze, Kate Jarvis, Claudia Zehrt, Mick Finch and Johannes von Muller, Bilderfahrzeuge, Jim Thrower, Jean-Pierre Muller, the Printmaking Union, Sion Fletcher, Nelson Crespo, Louisa Minkin, Elizabeth Wright, Nicola Lorini, the Campari Fountain, John Wollaston, Jet Jet, Pete Smithson, Ian Dawson, Assassination Weapon, The Department of Subjective Archaeology, UAL Archives and Special Collections, and other participants.

Workshops begin at 1pm and continue till 5.30pm with talks and interventions including Christelle Viviers Body Tapping performance.


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